I live in Nice, France, New York City, U.S.A   Cologne, Germany and work as a flight attendant on intercontinental flights while at the same time finishing my Masters Degree in Media Analysis and Cultural Studies.

I am not a  native english speaker so I beg anyones pardon who feels offended by my horrible grammar :-)

My boyfriend lives in New York  City  so heartache is my constant companion but nevertheless I am happier than I’ve ever been before. In recent years I’ve become somewhat of a traveller and changed places constantly.

I know I will settle down somewhere eventually but not just yet :-)

Wherever I am I try to see the positive things in life, stuff that makes me happy: Fashion, food, jewelry, photographie and everyday pleasures.

I have a soft spot for the slightly imperfect, things with a twist. Weird stuff. Scurrilities. Things that are…different. Beautiful things. Tasty things. Hidden treasures.

Also, I love old things like vintage jewellery, old furniture and decoration stuff. Things that seem to bear a history of their own within them. Things with a certain soul.

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