The best part about living at the Côte d’Azur is, hands down, the ocean. This amazing azure blue ocean. I love smelling the salty air, looking at the seemingly infinite waters and listening to the waves.

There is a poem that has been my favorite for years since it captures this feeling of total peace that one gets just lying at a beach and  simply being there for no other reason  but enjoying the moment.

It’s by Günther Kunert and I’ll share it with you:

In den Dünen sitzen.

Nichts sehen
Als Sonne.

Nichts fühlen
Als Wärme.

Nichts hören
Als Brandung.

Zwischen zwei
Herzschlägen glauben:

Ist Frieden.


Translated to english it goes something like this:


Sitting in the dunes

Seeing nothing
But sun.

Feeling nothing
But warmth.

Hearing nothing
But waves.

Between two heartbeats thinking
This is peace.