I’ve been off sugar for a week now and to be honest… it’s been quite hard at times. I think I simply love chocolate way too much…and everything that’s chocolate covered…or chocolate filled..or drizzled with chocolate..or as at any time been anywhere near it. I am sooo weak!

But it’s not only the type of food that sometimes gives me serious cravings it’s also – and actually even more – the time of day.  I can go all during the morning and afternoon without any problems (at least if I try not to look into the macaron and chocolate cake filled windows of all those pattiseries) but at night I sometimes have a really hard times resisting the urge to nibble on something sweet after dinner.

My personal solution to this problem is cocoa. Natural, sugar free pure cocoa powder that I simply make with water ( milk would be possible here too and maybe better tasting but I don’t like the richness of it) and then I add a splash of vanilla soymilk.

Now quite a lot of people find this drink really disgusting but I honestly like it :-)