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As mentioned in my previous post me and my boyfriend Ethan tend to go completely overboard when it comes to treats. While he was visiting me over the last few weeks we would sometimes find ourselves in my apartment hungry for some guilty pleasures (the culinary kind ;-))  but only having a bar of plain ol’ chocolate on hand. So we came up with a bunch of different things that could be covered in chocolate and therefore infinitely enhanced and turned into something wonderful. One of them were good old fashioned cornflakes.

I wouldn’t even go as far as calling this a recipe. Just warm up some chocolate by putting it in a cup/bowl that’s placed in warm water and stir in the flakes.  The chocolate/flakes ratio should depend on how you prefer it but as a basic rule I would suggest that the flakes should be fully covered so the final product will look nice and will actually stick together.


Any kind of chocolate will do, dark, white, milk or if you just can’t decide on one you can mix ’em too :-)

Usually I add in some roasted almonds or some craisins. It’s a really nice way to “fancy up” chocolate and turn a plain bar into something you can offer to guests just by adding simple everyday ingredients.