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So after being with me the last three weeks my beloved boyfriend returned back to New York City. We had an awesome time even though the Côte d’Azur didn’t quite live up to its sunny reputation and it was raining quite frequently.  We are in a transcontinental relationship for over two years now and needless to say I love love love the times we get to spend together but there is one thing that always kind of troubles me… I always gain weight!

And it’s not like I don’t know where it’s coming from… We both love cooking (and eating) together and unlike most men my boyfriend is a big fan of chocolate and all kinds of sweet things. While we do eat very healthy and always cook tons of veggies we also indulge in plenty of treats. I guess because we always feel like our time together is something special we are not shying away from celebrating this occasion with treating ourselves to desert every day and just enjoy having fancy cakes and chocolates together.

Nor surprisingly I didn’t really care about lent while he was here although I usually try to cut out sugar during those weeks and I always enjoy the effects it has.  Not only does it feel good to break the dependency on sugary treats but  I also always feel I can appreciate the occasional chocolate much more afterwards.

So as of today I am off sugar again and as sort of a last supper we treated ourselves to hands down the best cake I’ve ever shoved in my mouth. Yumm……

It was a “pralinè” cake from LAC Chocolatier in Nice. It had macaron and praliné layers and was topped with chocolate and caramelized nuts… heaven I tell you HEAVEN. My boyfriend was actually laughing at me cause I looked so out of this world happy scarfing that thing down :-)