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One of the advantages of living in France is that things that are in other parts of the world considered originally french and therefore usually utterly expensive come with a much friendlier pricetag.

Especially things that are currently “en vogue”, like the infamous Macaron, seem to be unreasonably expensive outside of their place of origin. Everyone who has paid as much as 4 $ for a single one of these tiny suckers in various shops in NYC  knows what I am talking about….

But alas, I am in France now and not only are these little pieces of heaven available in almost every place that sells cakes and cookies, they are usually around a mere 1€ a piece. Wohoo!

These here are especially wonderful since they are not as heavily colored with artificial food color like the ones I’ve seen elsewhere. And let me tell you… they are heavenly…. seriously, my mouth starts watering just looking at the pic……