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I spend the weekend in Seoul or in Incheon to be more exact. Our current hotel was under construction so they put us up in a different one further away from the center of Seoul.  I had to work on a paper for university so I decidet to stay in Incheon.

I walked around a little bit and noticed that garbage disposal is pretty high-tech here… Wow.

I was searching for a good spot to eat lunch and came about some interesting restaurant concepts. I briefly considered the “Coffe and pork cutlet” option but then decidet to just have some sushi.

Afterwards I went to Starbucks.  Observation #1: There is no Venti size… the coffee addict in me started to cry in silence.  Observation #2:  No fat free milk. Not that I had wanted 0% milk (yuck) but I wonder why they don’t offer it…

I must admit I was a little disappointed by the city. It all seemed very sterile and impersonal. The streets were lined with one huge building after the next and it felt like one mall after another. Even the churches were  located in those buildings.

To end the day I went out for Korean BBQ with my colleagues. Super delicious and a ton of fun!  Sorry, no pictures :-)


Konichi Wa Nagoya


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I am in Japan – again!

But I am not complaining, I love Japan and the flights are hands down the most relaxing ever. I <3 Japanese passengers.

So, once again I am having lots of sushi….


(the guy at the restaurant gave me 2 pairs of chopsticks- should that make me rethink my portion size? I was hungry!)


…and am wondering what kind of degree I need to operate the toilets around here…

Love from Nagoya :-*

Bento Fun


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When I was a kid my mom used to pack me a sandwich for school. A simple sandwich wrapped in foil or sandwich paper and I would stick it into my bag.

Today  I either grab something for lunch at a bakery or go out for lunch with friends.  I rarely have the time or ambition to make my own but when I look at the lunch boxes on the website BentoLunch I think maybe I should put in a little more effort.

They look so fun and people get so creative with putting together their foods. Traditionally Bento boxes are a japanese thing but who says you can’t do the same with your favorite lunch foods? Tiny sandwiches, salads, cut up fruit, small desserts, everything neatly tucked into the little compartments of the box.




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I was actually just looking for the EXPRESS store near Penn Station to return a dress. I walked east on 34th, crossed 6th Ave and suddenly found myself on a block I’ve never even noticed  before : Koreatown

It’s a tiny ethnic neighborhood, no comparison to Chinatown or Brighton Beach, but you can probably get any kind of Korean food on that small stretch on 34th.

I loved these ladies who were preparing some kind of dough things right there in the window ( I’m guessing dumplings …)

Is it weird that this plastic food still makes me really hungry just looking at it? It’s incredible how real it looks!

Currywurst Bros.


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While walking around town, I stumbled across this place yesterday:

A sausage place straight from Berlin!.

Now this was only interesting to me since I am German and I thought the name and layout was kinda funny. Personally I hate sausages…  which in combination with the fact that I dislike beer often leads my friends here to accuse me of not REALLY being German after all. I might check it out though and try the potato salad.

Anyhow, has anyone been there?  If not I urge you to go and support some German food culture.  It might not be the healthiest thing you can eat but oh well….

Did I mention they have pretzels?

182 Bleecker St
(between Sullivan St & Mac Dougal St)
Manhattan, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

(917) 265-8317

Taking it to the streets


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I know NYC got it all: Restaurants, parks, clubs, museums and countless sights and hangout places, but my favorite way to spend a day in the city is to just walk aimlessly through the streets and see where it takes me.

It took me to Chinatown!

I love shopping for produce here but also to wander around the supermarkets  and look for random weirdness on the shelfs.

There’s a great fish market too.